This past summer

We had the incredible opportunity to go to Europe and shoot an engagement, a civil ceremony, and a wedding.

It was an absolute dream come true.

We are so very honored and blessed to have been asked and allowed to take part in such an extraordinary journey.

We strolled the streets of the city of Luxembourg for hours with this couple,

getting to know them and witnessing their incredible love for each other.

We wish you nothing but the best and all the love in the world.

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Eleven months.

That’s how long I’ve waited to blog these.

Last summer,

we were given the extraordinary opportunity to second shoot a wedding ….

on the way side of the pond.

The Atlantic pond.

The Europe side of the pond.



I was terrified,

yet exhilarated.

So, why don’t you grab yourself a glass of sweet, iced tea.

Take a walk with us through the streets and alleyways of the ancient city of Luxembourg.

Feel free to “ooooooh” & “ahhhhhh” yourself all the way down these streets of cobblestone.

This is the first day of Mariella & Martin’s wedding weekend.

Brussels, Belgium is up next!

Prepare to be swooned right out of your seats.

Second shot alongside the amazing, beautiful, talented

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simplistic southern style

paired with some of

Atlanta’s finest historical landmarks

made this day especially lovely.

Congrats to Doug & Holly.

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How I imagine his love for her..

“The most beautiful girl in the world picks my ties out
She eats my candy, she drinks my brandy
The most beautiful girl in the world
The most beautiful star in the world, isn’t Garbo
Isn’t Dietrich, but a sweet trick
Who can make me believe it’s a beautiful world….”

~Frank Sinatra


Christi, Lindsay, & Veda

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The kind of love we share

is as sweet as the honey

in our tea.

southern charm.

southern grace.

her love

is his to chase.


christi & lindsay

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