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Elm & Rowan of Atlanta has created a beautiful cascading arrangement for you guys.  Here is a simple tutorial on how to achieve this look and add a bit of glamor to your festive table scape this fall.Cottage Hill Featured Badgepintopinterest


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Dreamweaver is a concept that Lindsay and I have been dreaming up for a little while now.  We love the work that comes with storytelling and we love working with children.  We figured, what better way to do this than to combine storytelling + children.

When mulling over and over what it is that we wanted to do and what direction we wanted to go, we’ve really come to only one solid conclusion about this concept, and that is that we didn’t want to limit ourselves to one type of style.  We want to weave it into whatever we can dream up.  We commit that together, we can create anything we want.  We can tell any story that our minds can conjure.  And that seriously makes us so excited!

The idea is to tell a story, but with fanciful notations instead of direct concepts.  To use small elements and color themes that either turn the personality of the story on it’s head or just gives a hint of the idea smothered in whimsical detail.  An example would be Little Bo Peep.  But with your Bo Peep in a dramatic black ensemble with a black sheep or like we did a few posts ago, Alice in the Tutu Du Monde blue tutu + the giant white bunny.  Those stories do not scream Alice or Bo Peep.  But we took elements of those stories and wove them into the session to create an authentic and original work of art.  And we want to do the same with you guys.  This is our goal.

These styled shoots are not limited to a known character either.  We love the idea of just building a unique concept.  A woodland girl or a squaw  with her horse.  A sweet boy in a wide stream catching minnows with his little net.  A little child running through the sheets hung out to dry in the sun.  These would be just very basic ideas that we run with and create a beautiful, whimsical tale of childhood at it’s finest.  We are up for creating anything that is within our human capabilities.

There are so many facets to what will make these sessions amazing.  We want to provide you and your babes with a beautiful experience and a no stress atmosphere.  A time of fun and wonder.

If you are interested in collaborating with us to create a Dreamweaver session, email us your ideas.  If you don’t have any concrete ideas, that’s awesome too.  That’s why we are here.  We will do it together.


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We are currently booking for these styled sessions.
If you are interested in working with us to put together a creative, fun, styled shoot for your babes, just let us know.
We will be thrilled to work with you.


Wardrobe: Tutu Du Monde

Hair & Make up: Lindsay Whited

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